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The Party Package

We all know what it’s like raising kids – they have to have the most fashionable shoes, the best football boots money can buy etc… because play ground rivalry is not only for the kids! So how can you give your little darlings something that Mr and Mrs Jones haven’t got?

Give them a Magic Chris party!

The 2 hour party package is the ideal way to enjoy a stress free birthday party, you hire a venue and bring along some sausage rolls and cherryade (get these catered if you really want to upstage Mrs Jones) and let Magic Chris do the rest!

What you get:

A 45 minute magic show (featuring the birthday child)
Break for food and birthday cake singalong
45 minutes of action packed party games
Prizes included
Balloon models
Punch balloons for every child
Name stickers for all
P.A. system, microphones and back drop for a theatre like experience.

With all this, Magic Chris guarantees the kids will be kept thoroughly entertained and laughing ‘til they can’t breathe (he keeps a first aid kit in his car!).

And the best thing? You get to chill out and watch the other moms and dads get green with envy as you host the class 2E party of the century! Yay!

After School Parties

Don’t forget that after school parties are the new in thing! “Hey, are you going to Frankie’s party tonight?!” Give the kids something to be buzzing about in the play ground and book your party today.