children's entertainer

The Magic Show

Need some kids entertaining? Got 45 minutes? Then a magic show is perfect for you. Magic Chris’s hilarious comedy magic show is a great way to entertain children at a birthday, wedding or any special occasion.

The 45 minute show is bursting with non stop magical fun that will beguile and bemuse your little ones and most importantly have them laughing their socks off – in fact it’s so funny don’t be surprised if coats and shoes go flying!

With plenty of audience participation, juggling and erm… magic – the adults will also be losing their socks!

The magic show can be specially tailored to suit both the age group and occasion.

Birthday children will always get star treatment and are rewarded with a magnificently crafted balloon creation and with every child going away with a magician’s helper sticker nobody feels left out! Perfect!

Questions? – Send me an enquiry form or call for free! But act fast cause Magic Chris is one popular guy...